Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review : Smoking Joe's

Beef Brisket (8/10) (90k++)
Quarter Pork Ribs (8/10) ( 130k++)
 Penne Pommodoro (6/10) (55k++)
Home Made Cookies by Smoking Joe (8,5/10) (70k++)

Once again, im apologize for the very late post. Now im start again with review from smoking joe's kuningan. This is my first visit here, and im quite like this place. Food that i ordered was great, but i don't recommend the penne beacuse its too sour ( from the tomato ). Smoking joe's have 3 different sauce and you can choose it by your self ( bbq, spicy, and black pepper : if i not wrong, litte bit forget ). You must try the dessert, home made cookies by smoking joe's was really great but little bit expensive ( 70k++). Its served with vanilla ice cream, and the cookies not too small. The place was cozy and they have live music on weekend. The waiter and waitress was friendly too. I will going back again to this restaurant, cause i love it. But i dont know when. Hope you enjoy this review food lovers!

 The Rating of Eatdicton : 8/10


Smoking Joe's
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan Kav E-3.2 No. East Tower, Jakarta Selatan
Phone : 021 - 5795 8148/ 021- 5795 8137
Facebook : Smoking Joe's
Price : $$$ ( Expensive )

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hard Rock Cafe ( E'x )

New York Strip (8/10) ( Rp.220k++)
Bbq Combo ( 9/10)  ( Rp.200k++)
Hello food lovers. Im sorry for the very late post, im busy with my campus life. Im free for a while for review food from Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta. Here, you will find all quite funky waiters with their tattoos and piercing. The venue was great too, sometimes many artist ( from indonesia or other countries ) came here for concert. On weekend they usually have live music ( at night ). Now let's talk about the food. Bbq combo was really great but unluckily, beef brisket was empty, and we changed into grilled chicken.  The ribs ( from bbq combo ) and new york strip was great too. You should order new york strip medium well, and as it served you should eat it first. If you not eat that first, the meat will not tender anymore. Overall eatdiction reccomend this place for all of you food lovers! Ciao!

The Rating of Eatdiction : 8/10

Hard Rock Cafe
Plaza Indonesia - Entertainment X'nter
Phone :
021 - 31990164 
Web : Hard Rock
Facebook : Hard Rock
Price : $$$$ ( Very Expensive )

Friday, October 12, 2012

Home Cooking by : Michelle's Mom

Ayam Goreng ( 8/10)
Semur Jengkol (8/10)
Bacian (9/10)
Sayur Labu (7/10)
Sambal Terasi (8/10)
Molten Chocholate Cake (8/10)

Welcome back food lover! This time i'm not gonna review the restaurant, but Michelle's mom food. It's not like the best chef dish, but it's home cook dish and i love it. My friends and I went to her home for playing together, but her mom served us all of that food for the supper. Such a lucky day, we fulfill our hunger with lovely home cooking. I really love bacian which made by Michelle's mom. For who doesn't know bacian, bacian is potato with pork meat and stir with the mushroom. For the dessert, Michelle made molten chocholate cake, she's really a great baker. I just can say Thanks to her and her mom for the great supper!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Review : Canteen ( Plaza Indonesia )

Sakura Spring (9/10) (Arround 100k)
Egg Benedict (8/10) (Arround 50k)
Beef Papardelle (6/10) (Arround 70k)
Chicken Wrap Bacon Papardelle (9/10) (Arround 70k)

Back to my hometown, Jakarta! I'm gonna start my review from one of my favorite restaurant, Canteen. Canteen is located at two mall, Pacific Place and Plaza Indonesia. I'm gonna review the Canteen at Plaza Indonesia. I loved this place from the first time I came. Cozy place, great service, and great food. Come on the weekend, prepare your name on the waiting list. Yeah, this place always full if you come late, you need to reserved first. Canteen have various dishes, from asian, indonesian, and western.  I reccommend you to try canteen special cocktails, Sakura Spring ( Japanese sake with strawberry liqueur and strawberry syrup ) it's taste great. Dont try the beef papardelle, because tasted not really good and it's really plain ( just papardelle with beef ). Overall, this restaurant was one of my favorite restaurant. Thumbs Up!

The Rating of Eatdiction : 8/10

Plaza Indonesia , 5th Floor # E02, E10
Phone : 021 - 3156537
Web : Canteen
Price : $$$ ( Expensive )

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review : Maja House ( Sugar and Cream Restaurant )

Cheese Fritter ( 8/10) (Rp.22.500)
Fried Calamari (7/10) (Rp.25.500)
Potato Wedges (8/10) (Rp.18.500)
Barbeque Chicken Pizza (9/10) (Rp.40.500)
Beef Salami Pizza (8/10) (Rp.43.500)
Lamb Chop (8/10) (Rp.60.500)
Grilled Rib Eye (8/10) (Rp.60.500)
Apple Mojito (8/10), Lychee Lemongrass Collada (7/10) (Rp.35.000)
Triple Berry (9/10) (Rp.35.000)
Apple Crumble (10/10) (Rp.22.500)
Chocolate Fondants (8/10) (Rp.29.500)

Last review at Bandung! Maja House, we will familiar with that word after heard that. Located at  Sersan Bajuri, Bandung and we will presented with a great view from there. This place was my favorite after my trip at Bandung. People will think that Maja House is the restaurant, but actually the restaurant is Sugar and Cream, not Maja House. My friends and I came here in the afternoon ( Sugar and Cream ), and we can see great view from the outside. It's cold outside and you can rent a blanket for Rp. 15.000 ( especially at night ).  Great place for hanging out with your friends, because the place was very cozy. I love all of the food that we ordered, it's really tasty ( you should try the apple crumble, best i ever tried! ).  About the price, i think it's expensive than the other restaurant i tried at Bandung. Thumbs up for Sugar and Cream Restaurant ( Maja House ).

 The Rating of Eatdiction : 9/10



Sugar and Cream ( Maja House )
Jl. Sersan Bajuri 72, Bandung
Phone : 022 - 2788196
Facebook : Maja House
Web : Maja House
Price : $$$ ( Expensive )

Friday, September 21, 2012

Review : Om Been

Es Cincau (7/10)
Kangkung Cah Sapi (7/10)
Bakmi Goreng (7/10)
Nasi Goreng (7/10)
Samcan Asin (8/10)
Sosis Bakar (7/10)
We can't bored with chinese food. If we confused about what we want to eat, Chinese Food is the right answer. My friends and I got lunch here and can't denied that chinese food was the best. It's not like in the restaurant because the place not really big and just can accommodate arround 25 people. The place not suitable for having a chit chat with your friends, cause there's no air conditioner there ( just for fulfilled your tummy).   I recommend samcan asin because it have a great taste. I think another food have same taste with another chinese food. Beside the taste, Om Been have a cheap price too. You don't need to spent much money here, and you can filling your tummy.

 The Rating of Eatdiction : 7/10



Om Been
Jl. Pasir Kaliki, Bandung
Tlp. : -
Web. : -
Price : Cheap ( $ )

Friday, September 14, 2012

Review : Rocca and Co

Ice Lychee Tea (8/10) , Kiwi Mojito (8/10)

Fish n Chips (7/10)

Plates of Nachos (8/10)

Meat Migthy Pizza (8/10)

Cheese Four Season Pizza (7/10)

Chicken Pesto Linguini (8/10)

Yo! Sorry for late post, cause i'm busy with my campus life. I went to Rocca and Co with my friends and its great. The price was standard, but for people from Jakarta i think its cheap if we compare with the restaurant at Jakarta. The price of all of these food are arround Rp. 280.000. The place was cozy and it's one of favorite place at Bandung for hang out with friends. I can said all of the food was great beside the Fish and Chip. I think it's the same with the other Fish and Chip. Eatdiction recommend this place for all of food lover to try Rocca n Co when you have a trip at Bandung. Enjoy!

The Rating of Eatdiction : 8/10

Rocca and Company
Jl. Progo No. 16, Bandung
Tlp. : 022 - 4205664
Price : $$ ( Standard )