Friday, October 12, 2012

Home Cooking by : Michelle's Mom

Ayam Goreng ( 8/10)
Semur Jengkol (8/10)
Bacian (9/10)
Sayur Labu (7/10)
Sambal Terasi (8/10)
Molten Chocholate Cake (8/10)

Welcome back food lover! This time i'm not gonna review the restaurant, but Michelle's mom food. It's not like the best chef dish, but it's home cook dish and i love it. My friends and I went to her home for playing together, but her mom served us all of that food for the supper. Such a lucky day, we fulfill our hunger with lovely home cooking. I really love bacian which made by Michelle's mom. For who doesn't know bacian, bacian is potato with pork meat and stir with the mushroom. For the dessert, Michelle made molten chocholate cake, she's really a great baker. I just can say Thanks to her and her mom for the great supper!

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