Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hard Rock Cafe ( E'x )

New York Strip (8/10) ( Rp.220k++)
Bbq Combo ( 9/10)  ( Rp.200k++)
Hello food lovers. Im sorry for the very late post, im busy with my campus life. Im free for a while for review food from Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta. Here, you will find all quite funky waiters with their tattoos and piercing. The venue was great too, sometimes many artist ( from indonesia or other countries ) came here for concert. On weekend they usually have live music ( at night ). Now let's talk about the food. Bbq combo was really great but unluckily, beef brisket was empty, and we changed into grilled chicken.  The ribs ( from bbq combo ) and new york strip was great too. You should order new york strip medium well, and as it served you should eat it first. If you not eat that first, the meat will not tender anymore. Overall eatdiction reccomend this place for all of you food lovers! Ciao!

The Rating of Eatdiction : 8/10

Hard Rock Cafe
Plaza Indonesia - Entertainment X'nter
Phone :
021 - 31990164 
Web : Hard Rock
Facebook : Hard Rock
Price : $$$$ ( Very Expensive )

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