Friday, September 14, 2012

Review : Rocca and Co

Ice Lychee Tea (8/10) , Kiwi Mojito (8/10)

Fish n Chips (7/10)

Plates of Nachos (8/10)

Meat Migthy Pizza (8/10)

Cheese Four Season Pizza (7/10)

Chicken Pesto Linguini (8/10)

Yo! Sorry for late post, cause i'm busy with my campus life. I went to Rocca and Co with my friends and its great. The price was standard, but for people from Jakarta i think its cheap if we compare with the restaurant at Jakarta. The price of all of these food are arround Rp. 280.000. The place was cozy and it's one of favorite place at Bandung for hang out with friends. I can said all of the food was great beside the Fish and Chip. I think it's the same with the other Fish and Chip. Eatdiction recommend this place for all of food lover to try Rocca n Co when you have a trip at Bandung. Enjoy!

The Rating of Eatdiction : 8/10

Rocca and Company
Jl. Progo No. 16, Bandung
Tlp. : 022 - 4205664
Price : $$ ( Standard )

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