Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review : Maja House ( Sugar and Cream Restaurant )

Cheese Fritter ( 8/10) (Rp.22.500)
Fried Calamari (7/10) (Rp.25.500)
Potato Wedges (8/10) (Rp.18.500)
Barbeque Chicken Pizza (9/10) (Rp.40.500)
Beef Salami Pizza (8/10) (Rp.43.500)
Lamb Chop (8/10) (Rp.60.500)
Grilled Rib Eye (8/10) (Rp.60.500)
Apple Mojito (8/10), Lychee Lemongrass Collada (7/10) (Rp.35.000)
Triple Berry (9/10) (Rp.35.000)
Apple Crumble (10/10) (Rp.22.500)
Chocolate Fondants (8/10) (Rp.29.500)

Last review at Bandung! Maja House, we will familiar with that word after heard that. Located at  Sersan Bajuri, Bandung and we will presented with a great view from there. This place was my favorite after my trip at Bandung. People will think that Maja House is the restaurant, but actually the restaurant is Sugar and Cream, not Maja House. My friends and I came here in the afternoon ( Sugar and Cream ), and we can see great view from the outside. It's cold outside and you can rent a blanket for Rp. 15.000 ( especially at night ).  Great place for hanging out with your friends, because the place was very cozy. I love all of the food that we ordered, it's really tasty ( you should try the apple crumble, best i ever tried! ).  About the price, i think it's expensive than the other restaurant i tried at Bandung. Thumbs up for Sugar and Cream Restaurant ( Maja House ).

 The Rating of Eatdiction : 9/10



Sugar and Cream ( Maja House )
Jl. Sersan Bajuri 72, Bandung
Phone : 022 - 2788196
Facebook : Maja House
Web : Maja House
Price : $$$ ( Expensive )


  1. hello, yoga.
    i've been here once. For me, it's a really great place.
    anyway, nice shots and review :D

    James Hezekiah