Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review : Smoking Joe's

Beef Brisket (8/10) (90k++)
Quarter Pork Ribs (8/10) ( 130k++)
 Penne Pommodoro (6/10) (55k++)
Home Made Cookies by Smoking Joe (8,5/10) (70k++)

Once again, im apologize for the very late post. Now im start again with review from smoking joe's kuningan. This is my first visit here, and im quite like this place. Food that i ordered was great, but i don't recommend the penne beacuse its too sour ( from the tomato ). Smoking joe's have 3 different sauce and you can choose it by your self ( bbq, spicy, and black pepper : if i not wrong, litte bit forget ). You must try the dessert, home made cookies by smoking joe's was really great but little bit expensive ( 70k++). Its served with vanilla ice cream, and the cookies not too small. The place was cozy and they have live music on weekend. The waiter and waitress was friendly too. I will going back again to this restaurant, cause i love it. But i dont know when. Hope you enjoy this review food lovers!

 The Rating of Eatdicton : 8/10


Smoking Joe's
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan Kav E-3.2 No. East Tower, Jakarta Selatan
Phone : 021 - 5795 8148/ 021- 5795 8137
Facebook : Smoking Joe's
Price : $$$ ( Expensive )


  1. It's a good thing I ate right before this or otherwise I would probably run to the store and get some pork ribs. They look delish. I hope you had a great time at the restaurant :)

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