Friday, September 7, 2012

Review : Karnivor




Gorilla Punch (8/10) , Strawberry Mojito (7/10) 

Monster Steak (8/10)

Steak for the win, and who doesn't love it? Steak is one of my favorite food, and it's my first time saw 1 kg steak served on the plate. Karnivor served that steak and it's called "Monster Steak". I shared that steak with my friends, because i can't eat that alone. You can choose for the sauce ( black pepper, mushroom, and barbeque), and Monster Steak have chips for the topping. The place is quite good and designed like the old days ( feel like in the 70th ). We can see them grilled the steak because they have an open kitchen. You should try Karnivor whenever you have a trip at Bandung.

The Rating of Eatdiciton : 8/10

Jl. Riau No.127 , Bandung
Tlp. : 022-7103111
Price : $$ ( Standard )

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